tattoos For passion Not fashion

So as some of you may or may not know that the 3rd photo in this post has sprung some strong interest recently as clearly it shows a picture of a ‘before’ solid black tattoo which by the looks of a cover up in its-self and ‘after’ is the colourful cover up over that solid black. this may surprise you as obviously black being the strongest pigment it would be hard to cover and i imagine the tattooist had to really pack in those colours but hey im no tattoo artist so going by assumption and from what others have said about it.

regardless to say i think this is interesting and even check out the top two photos (not done by the same tattoo artist). previous it was solid black sleeve which as you can see has been covered up in a colourful bio-mechanical freshly after been done (half sleeve by the looks of it so far) and the 2nd photo is healed a month later! 

so from what i can see and guessed before seeing the healed photo it was going to heal looking not as bright but a bit more darker compared to how it look freshly new of course you can see it still looks bright and bold. do remember as you know when after getting a tattoo, colours can look slightly brighter after being done however nevertheless its definitely a nice difference for sure.

So click the link below to read more by BME shannon larrett that has meantion about the last part i said and more.

(a comment from the guy himself) 

Now, I should point out one important thing — tattooing over solid black is very different than tattooing over a tattoo image. When it’s solid black, you have a regular canvas — the way the inks combine across the tattoo is going to be consistent, rather than having to compensate for the variations below it. So the counter-intuitive truth may be that in some cases it’s actually easier to tattoo over solid black, rather than doing a “normal” coverup!

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